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Management Tool

Automate your center’s operations, achieve greater efficiency at lowered cost. 

Get It Done With Us

We understand the pains and woes of running a learning center. Let us help. 

Student Management

Use our software to manage attendance, make up lessons, store student information & highlight student cases. 

Administration Automation

Automate payment, receipts/invoicing, inventory and other administration tasks using our tool. 

Insights & Reporting

Gain valuable insights & reporting on your center’s performance. Include revenue tracker, revenue breakdown and center performance analysis. 

Automate Center Operations

Get an overview of your center’s overall performance through our data analysis tool. Understand financial performance and breakdown as well as student breakdown. 

Use our tools to save time and energy on administrative tasks in order to focus on what matters most – growing your center. 

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Engage your customers better with improved insights and data about your student base. 

Create promotions, loyalty programs and organize events on your target base easily. 


Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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"Attendance taking and tracking is now much easier and hassle-free. Make up Lessons no longer a worry."

– Ali Sayed

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