Personalized Worksheet, Automated Marking & Scoring, Enhanced Insights 

LearnSeeker’s digital assessment platform is tailored for Singapore Primary Science Curriculum. 

Your Trusted Assessment Platform

Gain an unfair advantage for your students’ academic performance

LearnSeeker’s digital assessment tool is designed to speed up the pace of learning for students and increase efficiency for teachers. 

By alleviating manual marking and worksheets preparation, teachers can be freed up to finish more value-added tasks. 

Student Performance Insights

Access performance metrics  for individual students, classes and entire cohort

Topical Strength & Weakness Diagnosis

Detailed breakdown of topical strength and weakness for more effective and targeted remedial action.

Automated Progress Reports

Keep parents in the loop with automated report generation with feedback & commentary

Automated Marking & Scoring

Save valuable teaching with digitally assisted marking. Reduce repetitive grading and commentary. 

Achieve Greater Clarity

Achieve greater clarity for individual and class performance through our data analysis tool. 

Understand cohort and school progress instantaneously. 

A Smarter Way To Teach & Learn

Better understanding and collaboration creates better learning for both online and offline. 


The tool is helping students to learn in a very major way”

Jack Wang, Happy Tutors Owner