Create personalised worksheet

Accelerate learning

Different student have different learning needs, starting points, and aptitude for different subjects. Learnseeker leverages on A.I. to create personalised worksheets to meet the needs of every student.

With over 110,000 questions and videos, we uniquely identify the topics that students are weak at and generate a personal revision plan that accelerates their learning.

Identify knowledge gaps

Teach with precision

We analyse and summarise thousands of data points so you gain immediate insights into classroom and any individual student’s performance at a glance.

Reliable learning content

Created for you

Our library of 110,000 questions and videos are aligned to Singapore’s Ministry of Education syllabus. All learning materials are created and curated by our team of MOE trained teachers.

Consolidated reports

With zero effort

Help students plan and revise better with our comprehensive progress report. Play an active role in their learning with consistent progress updates and monitoring.

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